Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Week 39

"We are rare, not perfect...we need to soothe ourselves, not blame ourselves." ~ Mark Nepo

Walks, bike rides, art in the backyard, leaves changing color, clear sky in the west, Hurricane watch on the east coast, and these adorable grandchildren of mine. All is well and we're all okay. Thank you.

I love watching the Liquidambars change. 

Out for a morning adventure with this cutie.


I gave him a new pad of paper when I picked him up from school. 
He walked into the house, gathered his supplies, and went straight to work on his masterpiece.
My heart!

Straight out of my camera (phone).
Burn baby burn.

As we watched the weather channel all evening, I  made a little graphic from a screenshot.
Then we watched again the next night as Ian headed towards Melissa in SC.
Thankfully, all of our family made it through okay.

Paisley highly recommends this book. 
It is eye-opening. 

She liked my happy face Sun.

Got all three of them together. 

More Liquidambar (aka Sweetgum) leaves.

Those are some big eyes staring down at me - like I'm prey. 
This is one of the White-tailed Kites that has been hanging out at Hub's office. 

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