Friday, May 6, 2022

Week 17

We're already into May?! 
I forgot to share in my last post that My Dr. CynCyn is engaged! We couldn't be happier for her and Daniel and we are all looking forward to the big day.
It was recovery week around here. EVERYONE was tired from our camping trip, but the Warriors making it to the second round of the NBA playoffs helped Hubs and me make it through. 

One of my Dahlia plants is making a comeback, again.

These rose bushes around the corner from my son's house are amazing.

I've been wanting to get the grandkids in here for a photoshoot.
Paisley has other ideas.

The single wild Sunflower in one of my succulent pots 
bloomed while we were gone last week.

It was a rollercoaster morning with someone who got hangry.
Thankfully, he comes out of it and we get these moments. 

Messy, blurry, and messy face, but so darn cute!

That look. It's serious business, making burritos.

These two played 'restaurant' after we just left one. 
They requested french toast.

Hubs and Son, talking about their future work venture.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Week 16

What a fun trip! We took our new trailer camping, finally. We joined our son, his family, and almost forty of his friends in the Mendocino National Forest for his 30th birthday. Lots of dirt bikes, travel trailers, little kids, big kids, rain, sunshine, HUGE campfires, food, adult beverages, five dogs, a baby goat, a fox, and FUN. I have a gazillion more photos to sort, edit, and get into an album or gallery. I'll try to remember to update here with a link when it's done. 

Yep, we drove towards the rain clouds.

This was spectacular! And then...

...on the other side of the road, ELK! grazing in the rain.

Headed up into the rain clouds. It was so beautiful though!

One view of our group campsite. We woke up to snow, thankfully higher up in the hills.

Jesse and Paisley, cruising the campsite.

Birthday morning ride.

Bri and Paisley's turn.

Playing in the water in her snow clothes and living her best life.

Logan waiting not so patiently to ride.

The guys ride. Paisley wanted to go too.

Packing it all up to go home. Logan was "helping."

Happy 30th Birthday, Jesse!