Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh my!

Recently Over a month ago I quit my job without a plan. Well, my short term plan was to rest, exercise, basically take a break and then work on a plan. Part of it will include this blog. I may write about the how and why I left a well paying job or I may not. Currently, my daughter and grandchildren are visiting so I'm enjoying them and then I will get to focusing on my future.

Then I came across this today and, well...

Cancer & Cancer Rising
If you are willing to work with the consequences of success, this will be a rockin’ ride. If you are not set up to receive the onslaught, this may be a messy process.
It’s not about the opportunities that we are given. It’s about the gracious skill with which we can handle them. Right now it’s important that you make graciousness your number one goal. Generosity would be a good runner up. Give away what you can’t handle. Ask for support where you need it most. This isn’t about doing everything on your own. It’s about seeing how you can best support what needs to be done. You are in charge of making sure that your creative efforts get supported.
Abundance isn’t easy. It may be easy to attract but it takes skill to manage and it takes a master to maintain. This is the work that is cut out for you and also the work that you are cut out for. Don’t doubt it. Just find ways to work with it and ways to work it. You are being asked to master your creative talents and see them as your greatest resource. Don’t feel guilty about this. Don’t worry about what you have gained. You will find ways to pass it on and use it to make more good in the world.
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