Thursday, October 20, 2022

Week 41

There is magic in the recollection of simple, everyday moments. 
~ Dani Dipirro @positivelypresent


A pumpkin in the wild - an escapee from a neighborhood garden. 

On our morning walk, we passed this yard with painted rocks, again. 
This one is my favorite. 

Blue potato bush. Was the person who named it color-blind?

My iPhone lock screen. I want to pay less attention to my phone and more to life.

My morning scene this week; journals, books, pens, and paints. 

Procreate pumpkin brush stamps and a neon color palette FTW. 

Miss Cleo in her new happy place. 

Chorizo, potato, bell pepper, onion hash with avocado, and an egg for breakfast. YUM-OH!

It was a super bright and cool morning for 
swinging in the neighbor's front yard.

He immediately took possession of the Costco delivery boxes 
and turned them into caves for him and his dinosaurs. 

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