Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Week 42

"It really CAN be all rainbows and unicorns."

Josie Lewis - Artist

Monday's lunch: Paleo/Whole30 Tuna salad with lettuce, cucumbers, 
grape tomatoes, avocado, red bell pepper, and a side of plantain chips.

Give me ALL the bubbles, ALL THE TIME. 

Happy, shiny, little rainbows floating up to the sky. 

One rose in a hedge full of many

Our moody little model and her first portfolio photo shoot.
This wasn't planned, I just took a lot of photos and had to make this collage.

These patterns I'm 'painting' on my iPad are fun and relaxing.

Got them together. Just can't get them to look in the same direction.

He's lost a few teeth and has one ready to drop.
And those cute!

Hub's new 'commute' car. 

Mt Diablo and those clouds on an October Sunday.

I had to use all the colors with this Procreate stamp brush.

Halloween sneak peek.

I love fall. 

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