Friday, July 3, 2020


is my birthday.
Husband, Jesse, Bri, Logan, and I went to Lake Berryessa.
Got there at 8 am, before all the people.
It was beautiful and so peaceful.
We brought donuts, breakfast burritos, stuff to make lunch, a standup paddleboard, and a kayak.
We all had fun taking turns on the toys and we all got sunburned.
Left for home by 2 pm - it was getting crowded.
I talked to my girls and my sister, we ordered Sushi for dinner and had Apricot Cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert.
I got a whole bunch of birthday cards, a Yetti Rambler, and a UE Blast speaker.
We are all spent and ready for a good nights sleep.
I feel so loved and so grateful for my family.
Soooo, tired.

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