Thursday, July 30, 2020


Woke up with the sun. Got to see Mike off to work.
Watering my plants before the sun came up over the trees is refreshing.
Ate a healthy breakfast, made myself a lunch, and headed over to spend the day with Logan.
Bailee is feeling much better after her emergency surgery.
Logan was ready to go on an adventure after breakfast. We planned it yesterday.
We walked a few blocks through his new neighborhood to get to a trailhead.
Such a great, cute neighborhood and so much character.
We saw a Doe and fawn, but no cows. Logan wanted to see cows.
One mile up into the hills took us about an hour. 
We made it up to the top and could see for miles. 
Stopped on the way down to sit on a boulder and have a snack.
Only a half-hour to get back down. Wore ourselves out.
Ate lunch on their deck, read a book, played with his 34 monster trucks, and watched Spirit.
I got to visit with Jesse for a bit when he got home from work.
Turkey burgers with coleslaw for dinner.
GamGam is tired and content. 
It was a beautiful day.

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