Friday, April 11, 2014

Lamb walker

April 10th - Yes, I took a photo yesterday and I posted it to Instagram. This is not it.

This week started out great and went down in flames with each day becoming more and more of a struggle not to completely lose my shit.

So, I started reading an article by Chase Jarvis about being Creative and I realized my 'photo a day' mentality may have stifled my photography.  A photo a day does give me some focus. At least I do this for me every day and it is a big deal to have this little bit of structure. My concern is that I think in terms of getting the one photo, take forever to make up my mind on editing, etc. and then sometimes scramble to get it out there before the end of the day. And then I forget about all the other photos I have, years and years that I want to, need to, would like to edit and share. There is this time issue. Oh and my attention span. HA! What attention span?

Back to this photo - one I've wanted to share for a while; This is from a drive up to Tomales last month. My first post back here was photos from this trip. This is a gentleman who likes to take his lambs for walks, like they are puppies. That's a busy highway he is going to cross but according to the locals, he does it all the time. One gentleman said bringing his lambs out for a walk is how he gets all the ladies to talk to him. Right after I took this, Hubs and I went into the local bakery to get a snack and on the walls were poster size photos of the locals, including the lamb walker.

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