Sunday, March 2, 2014

Testing - March 1

I want to post my daily photos to this blog so I'm testing out email. It works well but I have to copy and paste the photos and the links. For one photo this may work quickly from my phone but...I do know myself enough to realize if it isn't super smooth and easy, I will quickly tire of it. Also, there is the link issue. I post them to Instagram, Flickr and sometimes Facebook - which one do I use here?  So many decisions and right now I need to make a grocery list and get to the store. AND then there was this one task I planned on doing this weekend; our taxes. Ugh. Suddenly there are so many other things I am working on, like this.

Hubs and I went for a drive yesterday in our new "Grocery getter" that we bought last weekend. I have to resist my urge to go on about how I didn't want a car payment and yet I still signed the paperwork and now I will have to work until I die...can you hear me whining? But it's soooo pretty and we really do need it and GOD it is a lot of money.

ANYWAY, the drive was BEAUTIFUL! The clouds, the green hills, the music, lunch, meeting the "Lamb walker", learning some history about the town of Tomales, getting away for the afternoon to the coast, making pictures - just what we needed. Below is just a few photos I took. Must work on the others, once the tax returns are filed.

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