Saturday, March 15, 2014

Red-shouldered Hawk

March 14th - In my front yard this afternoon. With my other camera.

I came home to grab something for lunch. As I was standing in the kitchen I heard the familiar call and just knew a hawk was close. I stepped out on the front porch and sure enough, he was perched right there in my sycamore tree. I took one photo with my phone just in case he flew away while I was grabbing my DSLR. I couldn't find my 300mm lens so had to settle for my 24-105mm. He sat still for two photos and was gone when I turned the camera to get another angle. He hangs out around here all the time so I spent the next fifteen minutes looking for my 300mm lens so I can have it at the ready next time.

On a side note: Flickr is changing again and I am NOT happy about it. Looks like I will be unable to easily share my photos from there to here as of March 25th. So, I may need to look for other options as I need it to be smooth and easy due to time constraints. Maybe I need to move all my stuff to Google platforms and dump the whole Yahoo experience.

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