Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday is for reading

And writing.

Currently reading:

Steve Jobs - it really is interesting but it also helps me fall asleep at night. Sorry Steve.
Simple Abundance: A day book of Comfort and Joy - for the sixth, time I think.
The Beauty of Different: just got this gem from Amazon Friday and I just want to read the whole thing all at once. Too bad I have to get things done so I can go to work tomorrow so I can afford to buy these books. I'm still looking for some good fiction for when I finish up with Steve Jobs.

Reading makes me want to write. So I do, in fits and spurts. Or is it spurts and fits? Either way I tend to get distracted and have a very hard time focusing for long. Think gnat, or two-year old. Yeah.

Bring on Lumosity. I started using it last week. I should be "training" fifteen minutes EVERY day. And while I like it and I try, I've noticed that my lowest score is Memory. Really! What IS interesting is that the day I started using it, I published a post here. And here I am again. I have "trained" in between but did not have time to stop in here.

Something I have been doing since the first day of this year is making and posting one or more photos, that I like. I know, a whole five days. I'm awesome like that.

Morning exercises and writing have also been successful. Now to kick this chest cold in it's ass!

I close with a photo I made today. I saw this and thought: is this what a bug's view it like?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twenty Fourteen

Here we are on January 1, two-thousand fourteen.

I've decided rather than a resolution (or fifty-one) I'm going with a theme;


Than I had to add a sub-theme or a Minor to my major:


Mindfulness to work on my obsessive over thinking to the point of not being present and not enjoying anything fully. Movement because I NEED TO MOVE MY ASS. Daily. Just not today. Famous last words.  

To be fair Hubs and I have been resting today because He has the cold and I'm trying to fight off the sore throat. 

But, as usual, I have a list as long as I am tall of all the things I want to do, need to do, want to change, want to improve, etc. and here I sit. Today was a good one of getting nothing done. Okay, a shower, two loads of laundry, brunch, a light dinner and two whole movies. I did a little writing and spastic reading.

Which brings me to one of my…issues: My short attention span. I've gotten to the point that I don't even finish a complete magazine article or an on-line article. What IS that? Oh, yeah, I know, I blame TV and the internet. Yep, time to quit both or at least cut way, way back. Like Facebook. Ugh, don't get me started.

My first goal is to not log onto and surf the internet in the morning. I did this before, for a few weeks and felt much better. I would delete my Facebook account if it wasn't for my Grandchildren in Texas. Yes I could just have my daughter email or text me photos but I just worry I will miss some. And there in lies the real issue - I'm always afraid I'm going to miss something.

Next goal; stretching, doing the exercises my Chiropractor has given me to do and walking with my Husband EVERY DAY. Oh and hikes with Hubs on the weekends.

Next: well this one I've been working on since October - eliminating gluten and sugar from my diet. I was doing good right up to the weekend before Christmas. I even abstained from all home made goodies, boxes of candy and cookies that flooded our office for the two weeks prior. I CAN DO THIS.

And the rest of the list, not necessarily in order:

Add a blessing to my 2014 jar every day.
Write in my journal every day instead of surfing in the morning. I so love doing this!
Read whole books. At night, instead of watching TV. Start by finishing Steve Jobs and then on to Fiction.
Shoot everyday. YES, another 365 project to capture the beauty all around me.
Share my photos. Even the selfless that I need to take more often.
Lumosity most days. I NEED to work on this brain.
Edit photos, create books and slideshows and PRINT. I must make time if not daily, then weekly to create and share with the world or at least my friends and family.

More challenging due to the job and time:

Post on this blog at least once a week
Learn to meditate
Sign up for an online writing class
Sign up again for Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection e-course (again)
Go to a new museum once a month

Things I will be doing:
Sending cards and letters to my Grandchildren
Hanging out with my sister once a week
Taking a workshop/seminar (or two) with my daughter
Traveling to see my Mom
Traveling to see my new Brother
Traveling with my husband to see our Grandchildren and to look for where we want to retire eventually

Printing this out so I can ready it at the beginning of each day.

Wow, after reading through all this, I scared. Partly because I imagine there are spelling and gramatical errors and the fact that I may just be setting myself up for some major failure here. BUT I'm going to do what I can when I can, not beat myself up when I can't, be present and appreciate all that I have done and all that I have because this….THIS is about MINDFULNESS.

Bring it on 2014!!