Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Week 24

June 13 - 19 everyday life and things...

Glitter is so pretty! I say, sprinkle this shit everywhere.

She's calling me Gammy these days. 
She can call me whatever she wants. 😍

Morning sun salutations with this sweet, sleepy-faced boy.

He asked me to take his picture to show off his kick 
before his Martial Arts class.

 Four-time NBA Champions!!
These guys are phenomenal and the reason I now love watching basketball.
photo copyright: Golden State Warriors

I played with a fun noise setting in Procreate on my iPad to get this gradient
Rainbows ALWAYS!

Melting pony beads in cookie cutters on the BBQ to make suncatchers.
The more I play, the more ideas and fun I have.

Father's Day kayaking with my man.

We watched from our kayaks as this Osprey dove for fish over and over.

It looks like this Great Blue Heron is trying to scare me away. 
He was actually not happy with another Heron getting in his personal space.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Week 23

I had planned on visiting Mom and Sister in Arizona this week but ended up with a head cold. I didn't want to give it to them, nor did I want to fly with my head congested so, I stayed home. I was down for a few days and still managed to have an eventful week. One of the best parts was getting to see Top Gun: Maverick with my son. We've been waiting for two years to see it and it did not disappoint. 

Gathering supplies for a project with my grandson.

 I love going to the movies and this was "edge of my seat" awesome.

After the movie piano time with Papa.

Mom and son piano time.

I voted! And again, Happy Pride!

He's starting to ask for his picture to be taken again.
 Those Giraffe legs!

Sister has to climb anything and everything that brother does.
Thankfully, she was feeling better.

Always seeking out the color, even at the hardware store.

My African Daisy's are struggling in this unusual weather. 
Hot as hell one day then almost cold the next. 

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Week 22

And it's June...

Future art project? I'm thinking paint, glass beads, sea glass...
the possibilities are endless.

If it fits, he sits. 

Lots of snuggle time and movies lately while she recovers from a UTI.

Running errands. Had to shoot the sky.

Doodling while on the phone.

A morning recipe planning session.

She wants to make this one.

He reads books to his little sister now. 
My heart!

Trying a new version of "Hopscotch" 

I'm trying to decide if I like the temperature of our new kitchen lighting.
Chicken Sausage & Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli
from Hello Fresh

Sitting at a stop light on a Saturday afternoon on Main St. 
We rolled down the windows to listen. 

A rescued female Red-tailed Hawk from Native Bird Connections.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Week 21

Like most of the country, I was horrified, sobbing, and incapacitated upon hearing the horrible news

from Texas when I returned home, from my Grandsons kindergarten graduation. As we were enjoying

the promotion and congratulations on the playground in the warm sunshine, at his elementary school,

families in Texas were waiting for the worse news a parent could ever receive.

By the next day, my grief turned into rage and then to numbness the next. 

Currently, I’m doing my best to appreciate my loved ones and cherish the joy they bring to my life

every day while it feels like the world is burning down all around us. 

“Remind yourself that you can possess two emotions at once.

You can hold space for both gratitude and grief. Let them co-exist.”

~ Minaa B

Tuesday morning sillies.

"Everyone look here and smile"
This is what happens when two or more people are taking the photos.

Upside down reflections.

Miss Cleo chillin' next to me on the couch.

Roses at Whole Foods.

"I sit." 
I guess climbing up there to 
look out the front window wore her out.

Crazy-fun kids.

This guy almost got squished on that step. 

Every time I go to a hardware store I want to take photos of the paint samples.

I had the perfect opportunity while we were waiting for our grey paint to be mixed. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Week 20

This week was about bike rides, dinner with a friend, and precious time spent with my grandchildren. Plenty of other things happened yet, I want to remember these. 

The goslings are growing fast. 

Quack practice. 

She had to bring her backpack to school just like Brother.

She waves to everyone all the time.

He gets on the table, then she gets on the table, following Brother everywhere.

Saturday morning bike ride around downtown.

She had a blast on this hot slide. 

Lumberjack practice. I didn't capture his bullseye on his first round.

My second Sea Turtle. Faux batik/painted silk/wax resist in Procreate on my iPad. 
I like this one better.