Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Breakfast creations

April 8th - Yes, I like taking pictures of food. Only when it's delicious though. I've read and heard the negative comments about people who post food photos and sometimes I hesitate to share them because of that. Sometimes I think the photo is just not good enough to share. Take meat hard to capture an appetizing photo of steak or pulled pork. Yet I am so inspired by the food photographers that make me want to shoot (and eat) good food. I get excited about a dish I have created so I want to capture it and describe what is in it....Here we have an organic breakfast bowl of creamy parmesean polenta, sautéed asparagus, sautéed spinach and two eggs-over easy on top. The organic part just happened to work out that way and the polenta and asparagus are left-overs from the night before. It was super yummy and very filling. Next up, taking more of these with my Canon vs my iPhone and working on my editing skills to get more detail out of the veggies in the bottom left corner there. Oh and maybe I should get back to editing on my external monitor instead of this laptop. It's worth noting (for my future reference) that this was taken while getting ready for work. So between making my breakfast and photographing it, I was late for work once again. 

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