Thursday, December 15, 2022

Week 49

"Joy is the oxygen for doing hard things."
~ Kay Bowler, No Cure for Being Human

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, for a minute. The week started off normal and then COVID happened. All is well it's just messing up schedules. So, I've been taking more walks lately and capturing the end of autumn around here. It's definitely helping with my sanity this time of year.

Waiting for brother to get out of school.
This adorable tiny human slays me. 

Strollering up and down the street. 
This was his idea and was then scared we were about to crash the whole time. 
We didn't.

I love these flowers that bloom out of these Echeveria's

Out walking and shooting leaves before the storm.

Maple tree branches 

The sun came out after the rain and gave me pretty drops on leaves.

Playing with stamp brushes and the clipping mask in Procreate.
I actually gasped when I came across this one.

I am still deciding which one I like more. 

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