Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Week 32

I've been getting outside in the mornings as much as possible to help balance my circadian rhythms. It feels wonderful and might actually be helping with my energy and sleep.

It's that time of year. Back-to-school...already?? Logan started first grade on Wednesday and celebrated his birthday with his new classmates Friday. Then we all went to the Zoo with him on Sunday.


Notes from the Universe via my cup of tea.

Lush lawn by Jesse - kept this way with recycled water.

Green Heron and two ducks. 
Once again, I wished I had brought my DSLR in my bike basket.

Like me, she wants to play with ALL of the colors.

I found Dahlia's on our Saturday afternoon trip to Lowes.

Grizzly Bear or North American Brown Bear? I think they are the same.
I say Grizzly.

Giraffes are amazing creatures.

Meet Lucha the Jaguar and oh so pretty. 

The majestic Bald Eagle.

I'm still looking for the photo I took of him in this same exact spot on his second birthday.
Pretty sure he wasn't as tall.

"Do this?"
We tried to get her to spread her 'wings' too. 

Mr six-year-old had a busy, fun birthday week. 

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