Thursday, June 16, 2022

Week 23

I had planned on visiting Mom and Sister in Arizona this week but ended up with a head cold. I didn't want to give it to them, nor did I want to fly with my head congested so, I stayed home. I was down for a few days and still managed to have an eventful week. One of the best parts was getting to see Top Gun: Maverick with my son. We've been waiting for two years to see it and it did not disappoint. 

Gathering supplies for a project with my grandson.

 I love going to the movies and this was "edge of my seat" awesome.

After the movie piano time with Papa.

Mom and son piano time.

I voted! And again, Happy Pride!

He's starting to ask for his picture to be taken again.
 Those Giraffe legs!

Sister has to climb anything and everything that brother does.
Thankfully, she was feeling better.

Always seeking out the color, even at the hardware store.

My African Daisy's are struggling in this unusual weather. 
Hot as hell one day then almost cold the next. 

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