Thursday, June 2, 2022

Week 21

Like most of the country, I was horrified, sobbing, and incapacitated upon hearing the horrible news

from Texas when I returned home, from my Grandsons kindergarten graduation. As we were enjoying

the promotion and congratulations on the playground in the warm sunshine, at his elementary school,

families in Texas were waiting for the worse news a parent could ever receive.

By the next day, my grief turned into rage and then to numbness the next. 

Currently, I’m doing my best to appreciate my loved ones and cherish the joy they bring to my life

every day while it feels like the world is burning down all around us. 

“Remind yourself that you can possess two emotions at once.

You can hold space for both gratitude and grief. Let them co-exist.”

~ Minaa B

Tuesday morning sillies.

"Everyone look here and smile"
This is what happens when two or more people are taking the photos.

Upside down reflections.

Miss Cleo chillin' next to me on the couch.

Roses at Whole Foods.

"I sit." 
I guess climbing up there to 
look out the front window wore her out.

Crazy-fun kids.

This guy almost got squished on that step. 

Every time I go to a hardware store I want to take photos of the paint samples.

I had the perfect opportunity while we were waiting for our grey paint to be mixed. 

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