Thursday, February 24, 2022

Week 7

Another week.

I got to spend a few days with my Mom and my sister. We went through boxes of photos at my Uncles. It was a salve for our sad souls.

I made it back home with my knee still swollen and sore and then - tested positive for COVID. Ugh. I avoided it for almost two years. On the bright side, after four days of not being mobile much, my knee feels better.

And that is all the energy I have currently.

The beautiful gift from my Sister to our Mom.

Me (in my go-go boots), Uncle, brother, Mom, Grandmother, sister.
Rest in peace, Ted, Brad, and Grammer 

Me, step-dad, and sister circa 1989(?)
 Rest in peace, Mr. Jones.

Sunset Point rest stop, Arizona.

Female Northern Flicker

My neighbors' roses are budding.

Just add chicken sausages and roast.

The 'rona finally got me.

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