Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Week 5

 As I gathered my photos for last week, I realized we are now in the second month of the year. How did that happen?!

This last week was busier than usual, making it challenging to remember to take photos.

So, I decided that I would not worry so much about what to shoot or the exact day, but instead shoot in a way to remember what was going on. I can just share moments from my week. I think that makes this a 52-week project AND takes a little pressure off. Yes, I know; I'm the one applying the pressure. It also takes me too long to decide which images I want to share, and this way, I can share more. Or less.

 Always a work in progress, I am.

This guy got his long locks cut off. 
I love that now I can see all of his beautiful face and those cute little ears.

Tuesday we drop Logan off at school and Miss Paisley 
waves 'Hi' and "Bye' to everyone.

Always reading multiple books.

Miss Cleo is over 17 years old. 
Completely deaf and half-blind and still going strong.

I'm always looking for the partly cloudy sky.

Dropping Logan off at school on Friday. 
Paisley likes to go on adventures so,
it takes a little longer to get back to the car these days.

Saturday morning backyard view.

Bought ourselves and newer travel trailer. Can't wait to get on the road again!

Riding in the truck with my boys.

My house plant babies. Thinking I need some more.

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