Sunday, March 12, 2017

Whole30 day 4 thru 14 and staying compliant

I've been tested and I passed. I'm pretty proud of myself too.

For example...

Buffets and free booze:
My husband and I attended his company's annual dinner at a local Winery. I prepared by having some protein right before we went to the event. Once there I had club soda instead of the wine or beer. When it was our tables turn to get our dinner from the buffet, I asked the person in charge what the vegetables were cooked in because all the other dishes were covered in sauces or dressings. The vegetables were cooked in a butter...sauce. When I explained I couldn't have the sauces, I was offered a beautiful salad of spring mix, tomatoes, and carrots with lemon wedges and nuts. Yes!

I felt empowered (for a change) because I took care of myself instead of either not eating anything, or giving up by eating the food from the buffet so I wouldn't be a burden.

The evening turned out nice, as nice as a company function can be. Thankfully my husband likes to leave those things early.

Tagging along on my husband's business trip:
Two days later we flew to Newark, New Jersey. Yeah, I know, why in the hell would anyone want to go there? Well, I was promised, at the minimum, dinner in New York City. Yes, it really was worth the food prep before we left, learning how to ask for what I need at restaurants, eating a few boring salads, and two days flight travel for a half day tripping around lower Manhattan.

I made us breakfast; leftover Spinach bacon quiche and lunch; cut up vegetables and epic bars for the flights east. I packed emergency snacks such as Rx Bars, Lara bars, more Epic bars, Justin almond butter packets, and nuts. The hotel was pretty easy as I could ask for what I needed at the restaurant. In Manhattan; chicken and salad for lunch that was bland but compliant, then Sushi (of course) for dinner which hit the spot. We found containers of fresh fruit, cut up vegetables, and hard-boiled eggs at Newark airport right by our gate the morning we were flying back. Lunch in Denver (layover) was chicken and salad that was...again, bland but compliant.

I did it! I traveled across the country and back and stayed compliant.

We are happy to be back home. Not only are we recovering from those flights, ugh, but I can get back to planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking, cooking, cooking. Here I can control what I'm eating and I can make it all taste soooo good without worrying about SAUCES.

Next post - photos and hopefully less 'compliant' yammering.

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