Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walking in the evening

May 6th -

When Hubs and I do get out for our evening walk, we talk, vent and check out our neighbors yards. We are both looking for ideas of what we can do with ours and that is usually as far as we get on that topic. I'm always looking for a photo op and lately it's flowers. We have lots of houses with roses, which are all starting to look a bit done lately so thankfully there are so many other flowers out there. These are from the bird watchers house down the street. His yard is full of bird attracting plants. Last night we stood there for a while watching humming birds. We managed to get a lap and a half in before we ran into another neighbor and got caught up on what all our adult children are up to these days. We also talked about how we are all ready for retirement. In about ten years.

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