Thursday, May 8, 2014


May 7th -

This here is my weakness. Sourdough bread. Mainly, croutons. Now, why did I make these if I know this? Well, I was making a caesar salad as part of our dinner. We must have croutons and fresh made ones are the best as the packaged ones are unacceptable. Well, most packaged ones. Semifreddis are the bomb and Trader Joe's has some that will do in a pinch. The problem is, I can't stop myself from chowing down on them, especially when I am hungry. No control. I can control myself around chocolate better than I can croutons. Don't get me started on grilled cheese sandwiches. Oye!

Who am I kidding? When I am hungry, having waited a little too long to eat, I just want to eat everything. Do I pick vegetables? Sometimes. Usually its the stuff I really know I need to have in moderation and definitely not when I'm starving.

Now to go cut up some vegetables for the day. Everything is going to be....

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