Monday, May 1, 2017

Whole30 day 65

I did it! I completed a Whole30 elimination phase. Well, I completed it over a month ago and I’m still following the Whole30 program.

Looking back, the difficult parts weren’t really about the foods I gave up. I guess because I had made up my mind that I was doing this. I had to really work on my planning and prepping, but I ended up enjoying cooking and creating new recipes, a lot. I didn’t have the withdrawal or detox symptoms other’s report other than being tired, which was nothing new. The hardest parts for me were eating out, finding real grass-fed meat, real organic fruits and vegetables, finding pre-made foods without sugar, soy, corn, or preservatives and (now) finding pastured chickens and eggs because “Free-range” is bullshit. Chickens are NOT vegetarian. They most certainly are not corn and soy vegetarian. Don’t get me started.

Moving on… I started to do the reintroduction phase on day 31 starting with legumes. I made my sausage, bean, and spinach soup and it was wonderful. The next day I didn’t notice any reactions, but I did come down with what turned out to be an ass-kicking cold. Related? Maybe, maybe not, but at that point, I decided reintroduction was on hold for a while.

Then my grandkids came to stay for three weeks. First, we had a birthday party here for my Grandson. I stayed compliant. Then another birthday celebration for my son. I had to make him his favorite cake. Then Easter. All wonderful and fun, but the temptations piled on and I ended up having a taste of the cake, and some Easter candy here and there…damn it. I blame the cold.  I couldn’t tell if the little bits of sugar I was eating were making me feel bad because I already felt horrible from the cold. However, I did feel the sugar cravings return. AND I had signs of inflammation in my hands.

Once all the celebrating was done, I got rid of all things sugar that I can’t resist and got back on track. The cold is still hanging on but I’m feeling better every day and I kicked that damn ‘Sugar Dragon’ back to its cave.

By the end of the 30 days I noticed the following:
I was thinking clearer and had better focus
I was less moody
I had more energy (except during the cold situation)
My uncontrollable cravings were gone
Blood sugar spikes and drops were gone
I wasn’t hungry all the time
I no longer had the all over joint pain, making it easier to move more
I was sleeping better due to not waking up in pain throughout the night
The chronic inflammation in my hands went away
My clothes were getting looser
I lost ten pounds

I’m super proud of myself for rocking the first 30 days. If I can do this, anyone can, seriously. It’s not easy nor is it really that hard, in the grand scheme of things.

My main goal, when starting The Whole30 Program, was to feel better. I’m also very aware this reset is not about weight loss as much as it is about changing my relationship with food. Currently, I’m sixty-five days in, I FEL SO MUCH BETTER, I’ve lost 17 pounds and I don’t even know how many inches. I’ve succeeded at my goal and so much more.

Things I still need to work on:
Eating slower by being more mindful.  
Limit or eliminate potatoes.
Finding more new recipes.
Moving more.

Once I kick this cold completely, I’m going to slowly start the reintroduction phase again. I’m in no hurry. I know sugar is not an option for me on a regular basis so that means alcohol is not as well. I’m pretty sure most grains cause issues for me. So, legumes and dairy?  I’m thinking cheese first. I miss cheese. I’m also thinking that it may not end well. I’ll post an update, maybe.

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