Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stepping in front of my camera

What do you do when you want to practice portrait photography and your muse of the day reschedules?

Be your own muse!

That’s what I did last week. I figure if I can get the lighting, the camera settings, and some of the poses correct on myself, hopefully, it will help me greatly when photographing others.

I started by wandering in and around my house with my iPhone taking selfies while looking for the best light. Note to self: time to declutter, and wash those windows, again.

Found some good light outside - iPhone selfie

I ended up in my backyard in open shade with my Canon 7D on my tripod and my remote in hand. I practiced posing and talking to myself to get some natural expressions. Yeah, nothing unusual here. I am impressed at how I set up my gear and then managed to get front and center of my camera almost every shot. 

Second outdoor location set-up

This was fun! Well, whenever I get to play with my camera, especially trying something new, I get totally energized and in the zone. My happy place. 

Like a lot of people, I’m my own worst critic and it’s not easy looking at pictures of myself, but I did get a few photos I’m okay with.

Canon 7d self-portrait

I still need and want to practice, practice, practice. I gotta work on my muscle memory so I can eventually set-up and adjust settings as needed on my gear, with my eyes closed.

Still, lots of hesitation here about sharing these images and my rambling thoughts (always!) but,  I decided that I need to take the advice of this quote I found recently...

Darling, just fucking own it!!

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