Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Like a Boss

Some women fear the fire
Some women simply become it
~ r.h. sin

I’m looking forward to shooting a full-on headshot/portrait session with this beautiful being.

I took this photo of my daughter during her visit with me on Mother’s Day, just as she was getting ready to leave. It was a quick “test” shoot. We didn’t set up any posing and I was fumbling with my camera but I love how this just happened.

Walk outside, stand in open shade, turn, smile, or not, and shoot.

From what I’ve learned recently, this straight-on look is against all the “posing” rules. Oh damn, we broke a rule... and she rocked it, like a boss. 

Yes, she is amazing and yes, she is MY daughter. She is also a little sister, a big sister, an Aunt, a sensitive soul, a deep thinker, and SO much more.

She inspires me daily with her drive and how she owns whatever she sets her mind on.

I can’t wait to share more of her gorgeousness.

Let’s do this!

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