Friday, November 6, 2020




It was cold. It's a nice change.
I journaled while sipping my coffee.
We had the broken door window replaced on the Charger.
I talked to my CynCyn and my Sister. 
I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Mike and me.
I did, and have been doing too much "doom scrolling."
I helped Mike find some paperwork and complete some forms to complete his unemployment filing and update his resume.
He has been on the phone all day, every day since Monday.
The election drama is still going on, and my anxiety is not letting up.
Unprecedented is the word of the year, and I'm so tired of the shit-show.
The highlight of my day was playing in Photoshop. Sky replacement FTW.
I am grateful for all that we have, especially our savings account that we have been fortifying since the pandemic was declared. 
My dear old friend, wine, has been a welcome guest with dinner lately.

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