Saturday, October 10, 2020



We got up early, loaded up the kayaks, and drove out to a lake—a lake on a river. In a river? True story. When we got there, we encountered gale-force winds. Not really, but it was way too windy. So, we drove to an island. There we found a place to launch the kayaks, and off we went into a slough. We steered our way past a marina to a wetlands area where we discovered all the things we were looking for; no wind, calm water, nature, quiet, wildlife, and glorious partly cloudy sky. We spent quite a bit of time just floating and taking it all in. The return trip was a tad bit more rigorous as the wind picked up, and we had to paddle hard to keep from going backward. That last part was our exercise for the day, and we loved all of it.

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