Friday, September 15, 2017

"Been away, haven't seen you in awhile..."

Sing it with me.

Sorry, the verse from this song, "We Just Disagree" popped into my head as I was thinking about a title for this post.

I'm still here, months later. I've been working on a Photography website and it's taking FOREVER. It's not like it's rocket science or brain surgery but there is a learning curve and, of course, the matter of making time to get shit done.

I'm having some issues with the platform I'm using. Issues as in, I don't like the way some things are set up. Login requirements for comments, shipping prices, not being able to edit file names after upload, etc. Yep, it's all newbie problems and I'm new to all of this.

Still, I'm plugging along and will go live as soon as I get through updating all my photo filenames in LR. Well, not ALL my photos, just the ones I'm putting on the site. Ugh!

I did get my 'About Me' page done, with a Bio even. If you know me, you know this a big effing deal.

Once my website is live, I'll be sharing all about it and linking here, Facebook, and Instagram.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I haven't had much time to edit photos lately but here is one of my favorite animals I photographed last month...

Testing links to my website - this won't work until I go live but if you have the password, go for it!

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