Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finally feeling some flow

Creativity is contagious, pass it on. 
~ Albert Einstein 

 I’ve been practicing being in the moment. This is something I struggle with due to having the attention span of a goldfish. I’m working on it. My daughter and grandkids were in town for two weeks which brings all our adult kids home to our small house. It is wonderful and I love it! It is also over-stimulating. There is no time to stop and think when I have my whole family around me and this is why I didn't post anything last week. It is all about enjoying my time together with my noisy, crazy, busy, loved ones. Everyone is gone now and the house is quiet. A little too quiet. Yes, I’m conflicted, always. I so enjoy a quiet and tidy house and I enjoy the fabulous chaos that is my family all together. 

While in the shower yesterday, I was wondering why I suddenly feel creatively energetic and focused on a few new ideas. Then I realized that sewing is why. Basically creating something completely different is what I needed to do. I busted through my creative block with my sewing machine. Okay, really, I think it was due to my oldest child coaxing me to dig my machine out of the garage and see if it even works after oh, fifteen years or so. My thirty-two-year-old Kenmore still works like a charm. It was on then; we were off to the fabric store(s) for projects to sew.

Spending time with my exceptionally creative daughter, watching her enjoyment and passion for making beautiful dresses while growing her business makes me so proud. I can’t help feeling the need to get creating so I can be a part of something of my own like that. See, contagious!

So, projects: I’m in the middle of a few sewing projects. Making easy items to get back into it since I myself have not sewn in twenty-three years. I also bought myself a new printer for my birthday. In addition to learning how to print my photos, I have been working on a photo card project. Not sure where it will go and in the words of Seth Godin “it might not work” and yes, I may fail but I gotta try it. I feel the need.

Oh yes she did bring her sewing machine with her on vacation. She had orders to fill.

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