Friday, June 3, 2016

Unplugged on the edge of the continent

We, fourteen people and four dogs, spent the long Memorial Day weekend on the Northern California coast at Ocean Cove Campground. A place we’ve been going to since our youngest was in diapers. So, yes, a long time.

We had stunning views of the Pacific Ocean all weekend long. The sun was shining every day which is rare up there. We usually get fog in the morning and sometimes the afternoon. We didn’t see any fog until Monday when we were packing up to leave. It really wasn’t windy much either.

It was a fun weekend! There was cooking, great food, cocktails, beer, conversation, lots of laughter, music, meeting new people and new dogs, dominoes, horseshoes, bubbles, reading, campfires, smores, roasted banana boats, star gazing, flashlight wars, bike rides, walks, fishing, afternoon naps, gorgeous sunsets, rock climbing, looking for shells and rocks and crabs, watching the waves, the birds, a seal in the cove, and the ocean as far as the eye could see.

Due to no cell service and no Wi-Fi that far out on the edge, smartphones could only be used for music, taking pictures, and maybe reading a book. Just the way it should be. 

I think it's safe to say, we all had a good time.

Click this link to see more photos from our weekend.

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