Friday, March 28, 2014

Just do it!

March 27th - Awesome Austin Kleon! I bought this book last Thursday with the intention of starting to read it on the plane. Well, on the way there I ended up reading the Spirit magazine that Southwest Airlines provides in the seat back pocket. The March theme is 'The New American Dream - Meet the next generation of job creators. Their job? Creating.' How perfect is that? I read the whole thing, enjoyed every bit of it and am so inspired by the Creators. So, on the flight back from Austin, I dove into "Show your Work!" and didn't stop until I was done and wanting more. Here are some of the notes I wrote on my phone...

Read it again

Go on more trips long enough to read a whole book!!

Read the obits. Really?

Get back to commenting on photos 

Assign myself weekly (biweekly?) projects to learn how to use my damn tools better aka my camera!!

Write, write and write some more. 
Read, read and read some more. 

Use the "mad lib" on page 98

Check out
@blindfilmcritic on Instagram

Oh and I dog eared the shit out of that thing. I so needed to read it and yes, I need to read it again and again. 

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