Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday is for reading

And writing.

Currently reading:

Steve Jobs - it really is interesting but it also helps me fall asleep at night. Sorry Steve.
Simple Abundance: A day book of Comfort and Joy - for the sixth, time I think.
The Beauty of Different: just got this gem from Amazon Friday and I just want to read the whole thing all at once. Too bad I have to get things done so I can go to work tomorrow so I can afford to buy these books. I'm still looking for some good fiction for when I finish up with Steve Jobs.

Reading makes me want to write. So I do, in fits and spurts. Or is it spurts and fits? Either way I tend to get distracted and have a very hard time focusing for long. Think gnat, or two-year old. Yeah.

Bring on Lumosity. I started using it last week. I should be "training" fifteen minutes EVERY day. And while I like it and I try, I've noticed that my lowest score is Memory. Really! What IS interesting is that the day I started using it, I published a post here. And here I am again. I have "trained" in between but did not have time to stop in here.

Something I have been doing since the first day of this year is making and posting one or more photos, that I like. I know, a whole five days. I'm awesome like that.

Morning exercises and writing have also been successful. Now to kick this chest cold in it's ass!

I close with a photo I made today. I saw this and thought: is this what a bug's view it like?

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