Thursday, September 22, 2022

Week 37

"I am the intentional creator of my human experience."
~ SelfHealers Circle

Bike rides, clouds, walks, Great Horned Owls, hanging out with the grandkids, and even some rain. 
It was a good week.

Downtown PH pond.
That sky though!

Our City Hall.

Sidewalk Sunflower

Another cute yard in Martinez.

No power here for about seven hours while they replaced a power pole.
That's an impressive amount of equipment for one pole.

It's the time of year for backyard sunrises. Yay!

Second breakfast.

Okay, this is a really bad image from my iPhone of a Great Horned Owl we came 
upon while on a Saturday evening walk. It was being harassed by a Cooper's Hawk, 
and we were able to watch it for a while, once the hawk left. 
We believe this is one of two that have been calling from the trees in the creek behind our house. 
In the middle of the night, we can hear them talking to each other and they lull us to sleep.  

Painted this one a little differently. Still, so much fun!

We had a very nice rainy Sunday. 

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