Saturday, April 16, 2022

Week 14

Yay, I'm caught up...for a minute. 

Lots of things going on, got lots of things done, and still have lots to do. 

Spent the week in Arizona, hanging out with my Mom. She's had a rough year and Sister and I are trying to help where we can. It is actually very healing for all of us. 

Life is a trip.

PHX final approach.
A 178 mph race between SWA and AA.

Mom's cat Goofy. She is the sweetest.

Turns out Kombucha makes a tasty mixer.

Always trying to look up.

Getting some morning Vitamin D while enjoying the quiet of Mom's backyard.

Friday night food prep sesh for Mom.

Headed back to PHX from Chino Valley.
I always have to stop at this rest stop, just for the view.

Sunrise shadows.

This is a kid's plate and this kid ate it all. 

A Bewick's Wren waiting for the babies in there to fledge.

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