Saturday, April 16, 2022

Week 13

"March is the month of expectation." 

~ Emily Dickinson

Well, I certainly didn't expect March to end like it did. 

And then, we're almost at the end of week 15 and here I am, almost two weeks behind. I'm still shooting, of course, yet don't have much time to edit or share.  

Just keep swimming.


I like to look behind me when I'm shooting sunsets, or sunrises.

Snacks and art time with these babes.

Miss Cleo is ready for her annual check-up. She's super healthy for 18.

Rainbow sprinkles from the crystal hanging in my window. 
This always brings me joy.

This girl's expressions and those eyebrows are priceless.

Messy face and he's still so handsome.

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