Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The weekend before last my husband and I took a drive out to the Benicia State Recreation Area. We had driven by there many, many times but this was our first visit. We hiked up and over the hills with views of the Carquinez Strait, Mt Diablo, and the Benicia and Crockett Bridges saving the Botanical Garden for last.

There was quite a bit of blooming still going on for this late in spring. It was beautiful. While Hubs wandered off in search of what bird was making a strange noise, I circled the garden looking at the flowers.

I came to this spot and sat down on the ground in the weeds and dirt, listening to the lizards skitter about and around me.  I saw in my mind what I wanted and I captured it. This doesn't happen as often as I like. What I love about this photo is the dreaminess of the background yet the foreground flowers are in focus. And the colors, oh how I love the colors.

I shared this photo or rather a version of this last night on Instagram and Facebook. As usual, I hesitated, thinking people won't like it because it is another photo of flowers and everyone takes and shares photos of flowers. Guilty! Then I reminded myself how much I love them and I love photographing them. I also reminded myself that I have to stop worrying about what other people think. If they like it good, if they don't like it, oh well. What really matters is that I love it.

ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/160 sec, 105.0mm

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