Friday, May 20, 2016

Back at this again

Here I am. 
Trying this blogging thing again...
I keep waiting. 
Waiting to discover my focus, my niche, my vocation, my place.
I believe it has something to do with Photography.
Photography of what?
I don't know.
I just need to shoot. I need to capture, to record. I need to see...
I want to learn and learn some more and never stop.
So, I'm exploring and sharing. 
One foot in front of the other.

On that note: I went to the Zoo yesterday. 

Ring-tailed Lemurs - coolest tails ever!

Siamang (Ape) -  Checking the score of the Wednesday night Warrior game.

Geoffrey - Not impressed with me one bit.

 Meerkat - They are just as curious about us as we are of them. 

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