Saturday, December 10, 2022

Week 45

"We need joy as we need air.

We need love as we need water.

We need each other as we need 

the earth we share."

~ Maya Angelou

Such a busy and fun week with the Diaz Family home. It's been a long four years since they were here last. The cousins had a blast together, we celebrated Melissa's birthday with dinner at El Tap + a pumpkin cheesecake, and we were invited to a 49er game where we got to watch our son-in-law parachute into the stadium with the Army Black Knights. 

Yes, I did!

All together!

Little pilots. We took a trip to the Oakland Aviation Museum. 

Mini-Air Traffic control tower.

Flight controller.

Cousin buddies.

Joy = All four of my grandchildren together. 

Oldest and youngest.
Blurry and beautiful!

Another blurry one, but so adorable.

Going for a ride on Uncle Jesse's OneWheel.

We got to go to a 49er game at Levi Stadium.

Melissa on the Jumbotron!

The "hometown hero" SSG Devin Diaz dropping into Levi Stadium.

Devin nailed it!
Perfect 50-yard line landing.

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