Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Week 25

I have far too many thoughts and feelings about the SCOTUS decision on Friday.  Cowards. 
For now, I will practice self-care and relishing moments of joy being with my loved ones
- gathering the strength to fight for our rights.

I coaxed them outside to enjoy the sun before the heat of the day. 
They weren't impressed.

Discovering pockets on her dress.

She stole his glasses right off his face.

More of our unusual weather. Monsoonal clouds make great sunsets.
We could have used some rain too.

Trying out the sun catchers in the front window.

This one is my favorite, so far.

A Friday morning hanging out with these loves.

This one was fun. Digital watercolor painting in Procreate.

He is a bright light in our lives.

Soothing, watercolor coloring in Procreate.

Yes, I'm Pro-Choice. 
I am sad and furious at SCOTUS and afraid for my 
daughters, granddaughters, and all childbearing humans.

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