Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Week 2 - 2022

"Photography is a gift. The memories we make with our work are PRICELESS." 

~ Jenny Rosenbring

I was reminded (again) of how energized I get when I intentionally shoot, edit, create, and share. I mean, it always surprises me, and I don't get how I could ever forget such a wonderful feeling. Why I hesitate to schedule the time to do this every day is a wonder. So, I've decided that this project of shooting daily, and blogging weekly, is a form of self-care and have added it to my to-do list and calendar.

Maple Walnut Shrimp for Monday dinner.

Ths sunsets lately have been on fire.

The hills of Briones with Mt Diablo in the distance. 
Oh, and those clouds!

This beauty is blooming super early this year.

These two are just too adorable.

Again with these clouds!

Dark-eyed Junco coming in for the privet berries.


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