Tuesday, June 30, 2020


A solid eight hours of sleep!
An almost two-mile walk before breakfast.
A new batch of baby ducks in a pond I rarely walk by.
The smell of my tomato plants when I water them. 
My Sister calling to talk.
Painting my toes. 
Moments when Logan wants my attention.
A short trip to Michaels. 
Some quite hours, by myself, here today.
Jesse, Bri, and Logan going to see their new home this afternoon. I'm so excited for them!
Tacos for dinner.

Today marks six months since I started this habit of recording what I am thankful for each day and my 365 photography project. Boy, what a CRAZY six months it has been. There have been days when I thought about stopping both projects because, well...life, and sometimes it all seems so useless, but it brings me joy (most days), and I know that my future self will thank me for finishing. With all that is going on in the world right now, I need this more than ever, and I must finish out the year.

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