Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The apricot thief

~ Dug

Last week we wondered who or what left half an apricot on top of our fence. We didn’t see any apricots on the neighbor’s tree that hangs over our fence so we weren’t sure where it came from.

Then this morning I caught this critter munching on a fresh apricot. Apparently, our neighbor has several apricot trees. None with fruit hanging over our fence, darn it. 

I guess all the birdseed and peanuts these guys steal from our yard just isn’t enough. Or, this particular squirrel has grown bored of climbing the shepherd hook, trapezing along the clothesline, and shimmying down the bird feeder to access more bird food.  

He didn't even freeze or flinch when I came back out with my camera.

He left half of the apricot on the fence and apparently came back for it later. I thought he was just after the pit but no, it’s still up on the fence.

Dude, clean up your mess!

He’s messing with me; he knows Apricots are my favorite fruit.

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