Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Today's experiment

Paleo-ish Double Chocolate Banana Bread -

This recipe is listed as Paleo but it calls for baking powder, which is not. Also, it calls for Almond or any nut butter of choice and I used Peanut Butter which is not Paleo. We all know Peanuts are not nuts. Right? 

It was fun to make and it smelled wonderful baking but it turned out a bit dry. You can probably tell this by the crevice on the top of the loaf. Maybe I cooked it a little too long? 

I confess. I didn't have enough bananas. I needed two and a half cups and I had enough for two but I was going for it anyway.  They were pretty ripe yet I think they need to be riper as well as needing to be the correct amount. And this is why I called it an experiment.

Yes, I will have to try this again another day.

In the meantime, tomorrow I'm going to warm up or toast a slice and slather some creamy butter on it for breakfast. 

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