Wednesday, June 22, 2016


"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your unguarded thoughts." 
~ Buddha

Ker-fuf-fle = a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.

My thoughts are in an almost constant state of commotion and it's a bad habit. This time, before I realized it, I was beating myself up for not shooting much, or enough. Thank goodness I remembered I actually have been shooting "enough' this past week.

I photographed our beloved Camaro that is getting some much need attention. We have even took it out twice over this past weekend.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS 

I captured the amazing clouds we have had recently. I have many, many cloud photos. It's hard to pick just one to share. I really do love clouds and partly cloudy skies are the best!

It's all about the clouds

I even participated in the CreativeLive Photography challenge #4 - Water droplets. I've always wanted to try this so I did. Yes, I actually captured the droplets but they are out of focus. So, I will try again, on a cooler day (it was 90° on my back patio), with dropper that holds more water and a different container. Still, it was a fun challenge and I like the colors I got from the fake sea glass I added to the pot.

Water Droplets - first attempt

I did miss a phenomenal Sunset because I was reading. I was so absorbed in the book, "Original" by Adam Grant, that I didn't even see the sky turning red from my chair - which was right next to the window. I realized I missed it later when I saw the beautiful photo my sister posted on Instagram. Then, that same night, I missed the First Solstice full moon (or Strawberry moon) in over 50 years! I did see it peaking through the trees but just couldn't stay awake long enough to capture its rise. I'm kicking myself now that I see all the sunset and moon photos that people have shared from Monday night.  

Super Moon - September 2014

Being my own worst critic, I didn't even realize this was my photo when it showed up in my Facebook 'Memories' feed yesterday. I thought it was something Dale Earnhardt Jr shared. Hours later, when I figured out that it was my photo, I was amazed. I even made a Flickr album after that race. I took those photos? I do this far too often. I download photos I have taken and on first look I'm not impressed. So I take a day or two (sometimes months and obviously years) to go back and look at them. Sometimes I find some I like and I'm pleasantly surprised.

Dale Earnhardt Jr - Sonoma Raceway

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